When top Planned Parenthood officials where recorded haggling over the price for the harvested organs of aborted babies, everyone was shocked.   The question that needs to be asked is - why?

How could it be inconceivable that an organization dedicated to destroying unborn lives would have any compunction about selling the baby’s organs?  The selling of these organs was less surprising than the egregiously cavalier conversation of the Planned Parenthood employee while eating salad and drinking wine.

Some would say that abortion is legal and selling the organs of an aborted baby isn’t.  America is a nation that has historically accepted the rule of law.  It is right and reasonable that citizens of this nation should obey just laws, however, abortion is an immoral law.  Roe vs. Wade ushered in one of the most violent and unjust laws in modern history.  Fragile human life has been targeted to relieve expectant parents of the responsibility of their own choices.  Every citizen in the United States has been made complicit in this slaughter as our tax money is used to fund this monstrous infanticide. 

Our nation will send troops around the world to protect the lives of innocent people, but the most vulnerable and innocent within our borders are slaughtered at an alarming rate.  Millions of babies have lost their lives, in many cases, for convenience.  This is unconscionable! 

If these videos lead to Congress defunding Planned Parenthood then that is a win.  Overturning Roe vs. Wade must be a priority and do not be discouraged when you’re told it’s settled and nothing more can be done.  The ProLife movement is battling for the lives of our children.  No  American law is etched in stone and can be eradicated by the diligent expression of opposition.  As more voices are raised against this ongoing holocaust and the violent abuse of America’s unborn the quicker America will find its conscience and put a stop to this dark chapter of our history.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; “ Jeremiah 1:5a